Complete Program

HLCC® Scripts Complete Program is one of our most frequently requested packages for men and women suffering from aggressive hair concerns, such as aging & thinning hair. This program is packed with unique formulas combining 11 DHT opposing ingredients and a proven topical stimulator for maximum effectiveness.

Comprehensive Program

LCC® Scripts Comprehensive Program combines the most effective products to work synergistically for maximum effectiveness. The Comprehensive Program combines the Complete Program with innovative MGT™ and its additional 11 DHT opposing ingredients, with a truly unique conditioner; rich with vitamins, minerals & amino acids, to tackle the toughest hair concerns

Natural Program

HLCC® Scripts Natural Program is a gentle, yet effective solution to combat the appearance of fine, thinning and damaged hair with natural, gentler ingredients. The Natural Program is suggested for thinning hair, and the early stages of aging hair. This non-invasive option can be used daily without frequent hair washing

Hair Strengthening Program

HLCC® Scripts Hair Strengthening Program is perfect for those looking to maintain their hair or improve the strength of damaged hair due to extensions or excessive chemical, heat and color treatments. This program was designed for optimal hair health and enhances the appearance of all hair types.


HLCC® Scripts Complete is a 3 in 1 herbal supplement with 8 DHT opposing ingredients to help fight DHT, which can adversely affect your hair follicles and overall hair health. This unique formula also includes the complete nourishment your hair needs to thrive optimally and a natural marine concentrate (MGC) proven safe and effective for both men and women of all ethnicities. What makes this 3 in 1 herbal supplement unique? • 8 DHT opposing ingredients • Complete Hair Nutritional • MGC™ (Marine Complex) For those with shellfish allergies or those who are zinc intolerant, we recommend our AA Plus.

Vitamin plus conditioner

This stimulating conditioner is for both your hair and scalp health. HLCC® Scripts Vitamin Plus Conditioner provides increased performance, when coupled with our complete line of hair care products. It contains the key essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids for stronger, healthier, and shiny looking hair.


T-Strong™ leave-in conditioner preserves elasticity and strength in the hair and scalp. Use this award winning, high performance, light formula every day. It is great for all hair types.

Buying our products

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