Is Seasonal Hair Loss Fact or Fiction?

We all know that feeling when you run your hands through your hair and more hairs than usual come away. If you are noticing more hair shedding in the last few weeks, as we leave the autumn behind and glide into winter, don’t panic. Don’t beat yourself up worrying if you are going to lose your hair and find bald patches in the mirror. Seasonal shedding is a thing.

During the summer months, the scalp retains more hair in the growing stage, anagen phase, to give increased protection from the sun. As we begin to shift into autumn and early winter those hairs transition into the resting stage, telogen phase and heavier shedding may occur. This is temporary and the scalp will adjust back to a baseline fall of about 100 hairs a day.

If, however, after 6 – 8 weeks things haven’t improved you should see your local Trichologist to see if there is another reason for the shedding. After diagnosis, a suitable hair loss treatment plan can be started to prevent further loses.

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