Does a head massage help hair growth?

Does a head massage help hair growth? 

Simply put, yes it does. The simple technique of kneading the scalp with firm circular movements, moving the skin to wrinkle, not the hair, will stimulate the nerve endings, muscles and blood vessels. This enjoyable therapy increases circulation along the capillaries, the blood vessels that feed the follicle, improving the supply of nutrients and oxygen. With a better supply of blood and nutrients, your hair is able to grow faster and healthier. A head massage will help eliminate toxin build up, relieves muscle tension in the scalp caused by stress and tight neck muscles. As stress can play a part in hair loss massage stimulates endorphins from the brain which help with any pain, which can be the cause of headaches, and relieves emotional stress and repressed feelings.

This elevates the mood and can help with anxiety related to hair loss.

To really benefit from a head massage it should be performed for 5 – 10 minutes, daily. 

Adding oils aid the ease of movement as well as conditioning the hair itself. Almond oil is good for frizzy hair. It is rich in vitamin E, calcium and Magnesium. helps prevent breakage or splitting. Coconut oil can delay the hair shedding stage.

If massaging your hair while shampooing you should try and rinse with cold water, not recommended if you stood in the shower. The cold water increases the blood supply and brings it to the surface of the scalp. Immerse your head in the cold water and massage for a minute, repeat four times. When performed on a daily basis after 3 months you should see and feel your hair becoming longer and fuller.  The art of head massage is one of the oldest Ayurveda healing systems from India and has been practised for over 4000 years. Head massage in India is commonplace and the techniques are passed down from Mother to daughter. Babies are massaged to help calm them and as the child grows they learn to practice the techniques on the rest of the family. Indian barbers developed a more vigorous form of head massage. With the sole purpose of improving blood supply to the scalp to feed the follicle with more nutrients and oxygen. These techniques are passed from Father to son. SO the whole family know the benefits fo head massage. It is also tradition to massage a bride and groom before the marriage ceremony.   It helps calm the nervous duo, for the impending nuptials. As well as promoting good health and fertility. Expectant Mothers are also massaged regularly to help with the physical and emotional demands of labour and 40 days after birth.

So next time you just sat watching the television place your fingertips on your scalp and gently move the scalp or sit on the floor with your partner behind you and get them to give your head a massage, promising their turn next. 

Head and cold water massage promotes improved circulation, for hair growth, relieves stress, preventing headaches, give a sense of well being.

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